Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Book Phantom Strikes Again

Today, my library copy of The Selected Works of T.S. Spivet is due.  I will return it, as I await a copy of my very own from Amazon.  As you know, I like to sneak little mementos into books I release back out into the librosphere (tee-hee).  Here is what I made for The Selected Works of T.S. Spivet:

It’s a bookmark which I crafted with my own two little hands, sort of like those Artist Trading Cards people like to exchange.  It's a trifle, but I hope it brightens someone’s day.  Perhaps it will prompt that random reader to ask, “Hey, where’d this come from?” or “What kind of loony would make such a thing?” 

Pretty sneaky, sis!  Feel free to enjoy it yourself...


  1. -You brightened my day!
    -I DID think, "Hey, where'd this come from?"
    -If I HAD thought "What kind of loony would make such a thing?" my next thought would have been, "I wish I'D thought of doing such a thing."
    -What I DID say was, "How cool is THAT?!"

    I spent 15 + years as a graphic designer, half of that time with a top-notch advertising agency. This is a very nifty bookmark. I would have been proud to have designed it. Props to you, BookPhantom.

    I'm going to have a hard time leaving it with the book to brighten the next reader's day, even though I can see that's where the fun will be--reading future comments about the travels and travails of this very bookmark.

    I checked this book out of the library, oh golly, months ago. It was part of a large stack that is taking me much longer to read than I had anticipated (life gets complicated). So, I grabbed the book to carry off to bed last night, and your cool bookmark slid out into my hand. Why it waited for the most dramatic moment to make its presence known is a mystery. Must be fate.

    I haven't read very far yet, but any book that makes me want to read the opening lines out loud to my husband has great potential. I anticipate the rest with enormous pleasure.

    Thank you for your generous and creative act of random beauty.

  2. BBM! You are the first person to comment on one of my bookmarks - I'm so glad you found it and took the time to comment! I checked out your website and your Mother & Daughter sculpture is AMAZING. You are truly talented, so I blush at your complimentary review of my little bookmark. I've been lax about my blog lately (it's summer), but your enthusiasm is encouraging - I'll have to get to posting soon.