Here is a list of posts featuring bookmarks I slip into books I return to the library or give away.  It's just my way of spreading readerly joy to kindred spirits.  Sometimes the Phantom is lucky enough to find items in books she borrows.  As my collection of found items builds, I will post these.  If you've been marked by the Book Phantom, I hope you'll leave a comment.  Tell me what you think of the book you were reading when you discovered my little boon, or just say "Hello!"


  1. Wise Blood Flannery O Conner
    Just Finished it. So southern, So harsh for a woman to have written it, cold unpleasant characters. Prescient.

  2. Thanks for commenting sancho panza. I can't say O'Connor was a pleasurable read, but she left me noodling over her intent for a good while after. It's a novel I won't easily forget, and I will probably read more of her work.